Our Vertical Frames


We have all different designs. Many by customer request. We also do logos. 

Letters and Numbers

We have 10" letters, 12" letters and the large 19" letters. 


We have many shapes, ranging from the familiar like hearts and stars, to the more complicated like the fleur de lis or the butterfly wings. 

About Us

Brian and Mary Merrell

We started LivingCreation in 2011, working out of our garage. By 2015 we had outgrown our garage in Ceres and moved to a property in Modesto. We had the shop in the back and renovated the small house in front. When we moved in, there was no electricity, bathroom or kitchen. What an adventure, living off a generator and showering at friends' and families' homes. The dogs kept sitting in the car, waiting to go home.  

It's hard to believe 2018 is almost over. Our small house is finished. The dogs no longer wait in the car to go home, and our cat family has grown.  

Everette Merrell

Everette working the Succulent Extravaganza in 2017.  He is our builder, designer and delivery boy!


Adopted from the animal shelter.

Organizations we support

Our most popular shape.

Our hearts come in three sizes, 7", 13" and 17"

We support these organizations:

Wounded Warrior Project

Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center

Catnetwork of Stanislaus

Modesto Gospel Mission

We also foster kittens who have been thrown away by mean people. Below please meet our current fosters. 

Our Pets and Foster Kittens


In 2017, five kittens were dropped off in front of the office where I work. Benji didn't find a forever home, so he has a home with us. He's super put out by the new foster kittens we have with us. What a bugger!

Jon Snow and Daisy Duke

Jon Snow and Daisy are two kitties that were fixed through feral cat spay and neuter programs. Jon Snow through the Stanislaus Animal Shelter and Daisy through the Catnetwork of Stanislaus. They now make their home with us. 

Penny, Benji's sister

Penny was one of the five kittens dropped of last year. She didn't find a forever home either, so now her home is with us too. She's a super nice kitty,

Foxy our foster kitten

Shadow another foster kitten

Ollie, the littlest foster kitten


Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Or gives us a call. We're eager to hear your ideas!

We do custom shapes and sizes and your logo!


1012 Lone Plam Ave, Modesto, CA 95351, US

(209) 602-2654 or (209) 829-2412 or (209) 404-3391