Small Letters 10"

Our letters come in three sizes. Small are 10", medium are 12" and the large are 19" tall.

10" letter with 2" succulents

All sizes vary due to the thickness of recycled fence board. 

Small Letter 10"

The small letters are easy to plant with 2" succulents. Remember to take the pots off!

Small Letter 10"

Due to the narrow opening, the small letters don't need string to hold in the moss while the cuttings or plants get established. 

Small Letter 10"

All our frames can be made with moss. The moss acts like a medium for succulent cuttings. 

Small Letter 10"

Letters and Numbers

19" letter with string.

Our products are built from recycled fence board, so sizes may vary due to wood thickness,

19" letter empty with string

Our frames come empty, empty with string or with moss and string. 

19" Letter with moss and string

Letters with moss are ready for your cuttings or 2" potted succulents. Or a combination of both. Sempervivum cuttings work well too!

12" number.

The ten inch number six, turned upside down is a nine!

12" number

We have letters in the 10", 12" and 19" sizes, with or without moss and string. 

12" letter here

The twelve inch letters are slightly different with more detail in the centers.