Large cross with moss and string 22" X 18"

The cross comes in three sizes. Small, medium and large. 

Small Christmas Tree 11"

The Christmas tree comes in small and large. The large Christmas tree is 15" tall and looks good planted with prickly haworthia. 

13" Heart

Our hearts are by far the most popular shape. We have small hearts, 7" medium hearts 13" and large hearts 17". 

Arrow 18" X 8"

The arrow is a fun shape. It can be made in any size required.  Just let us know!

Rectangle 6" X 9"

Like the arrows, the rectangle can be in any dimension needed. We also have a plain ole square shape. Any size. 


The California frame is very popular. 

More Shapes

Large Star 21" x 21"

We have three sizes of stars. The small are 11" and the medium are 17" from point to point. Really pretty with a big succulent right in the middle. 

Small Star of David

We had a customer request a smaller Star of David. Everette came up with this. Super cute.

A customer requested a smaller star of David. 9" from point to point. Super cute!

Star of David 17"

This frame does come with moss and string too. 

Music Note 14" tall

The narrow opening makes a easy project using stem cuttings or sempervivum cuttings. 


Maybe you want a horseshoe for luck, or your a Colts fan, or you just like horse shoes. Then this shape is for you. 

Shamrock 13" x 12"

The three-leaf clover.  If you ask real nice, Everette might make you a four-leaf clover. 

More Shapes

Fleur de Lis 20" tall, 18" wide

The Fleur de Lis is a beautiful shapes. Looks lovely with large echavaria and smaller sempervivum around the edges. 

Peace sign

The peace sign comes in two sizes. 12" diameter and 20" diameter. Super easy to plant. 

Window 12" X 12"

The window shape is the first frame we did. I asked Brian to make one so I could plant succulents in it. I never imagined it would be the beginning of a business. 

Apple 12" tall by 14" wide

The apple can have moss and string.  We also have a pumpkin, which is smaller than the apple. Kind of strange. 

Hexagon Box

The hexagon box can be hung up or sat on a table. We also have the hexagon shapes in small, medium and large sizes that hang. 

Dog Bone 12" long

This dog bone was a customer request. I get all the prototypes, so it's 15" which is larger than what we sell. I planted it with 2" succulents and a few cuttings.